Friday, November 19, 2010

Another way to simplify your holiday shopping

Am I the last person on earth to learn about CSN stores? In the off chance that you have not heard about it either, let me share this nugget with you...are you ready? CSN stores sells EVERYTHING for LESS than anywhere else AND shipping is free on many items.

When I say that they sell everything, I am not joking. Check it out. Type in anything into the search box and it will come up. Let me show you what I mean...

Want to re-do your bathroom? Search bathroom wall cabinets and find things like these.

Need boots for an upcoming trip? Search snow boots to find these.

Want to get your patio spruced up for spring? Search patio decor to find things like these.

Need to order a baby gift? Search baby gifts and find things like these.

See what I mean? They sell everything.

Here is what I am excited about. My three-year old daughter wants this for Christmas. She saw it in a catalog and has been talking about it ever since. No problem.

Well, I came across CSN and was marveled by the vast selection of things they carry for great prices. On a whim, I searched doll furniture and look what came up!

An almost identical bed... for $19 less! And the shipping is cheaper too. I am ecstatic. Seriously. Ecstatic. I can still get my daughter the bed for her babies that she wants and either pocket the extra cash I will be saving or get her another special something to go under the tree.

So, before you order anything for Christmas, check out CSN stores to make sure you can't find a better deal. Thanks CSN Stores!



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