Above all, I am a wife and mom. I love to sew and design precious little things. I am addicted to colorful fabrics, great photography, Dr. Pepper and oreos.

Before my daughter was born in late 2007, I was a jewelry buyer for a major retailer. I had the luxury of playing with jewelry all day and traveling around the world to go to markets. I had a great boss and wonderful coworkers and just absolutely had the most perfect job. It was exciting and wonderful and I had no plans to leave. When my daughter was 3 weeks old, I looked at her and knew that I could not leave her in the hands of a stranger all day long while I went to work. At that moment, my husband and I made the tough decision that I would become a stay-at-home-mom.

After being home for about 4 months I became really bored with routine and needed a project to call my own during nap time. I decided to try something that I had always wanted to do. I began sewing and quickly became addicted. After realizing that I had a natural talent for creating things, I started Noodles & Milk with very basic baby gifts. As my customer base grew, so did the designs and offerings. Much to my surprise, the shop took off. Etsy has been a wonderful venue with outstanding customers. I could not have asked for a better experience.

Opening Noodles & Milk has given me back my creative outlet as well as an opportunity to dive back into the retail industry that I absolutely love. With our second child scheduled to arrive in late 2010, I decided to expand our business further into pattern design. I love creating custom clothing and pattern design seems to come naturally to me. It has been exciting to take the business in a new direction and get to experiment with clothing in new ways. I am truly looking forward to what the future of Noodles & Milk holds.

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