Friday, October 29, 2010

Have you heard?

Have you heard of Craftopolis? You haven't! Well, let me shine a little light on this gem of a business tool.
Craftopolis is a site whose entire purpose is to make etsy even easier for shop owners. Etsy is already super user friendly so it is pretty impressive that Craftopolis has come up with several tools to simplify it even more.
Visit Craftopolis and login with your etsy user name. This site runs all kinds of cool reports that can give you insight into your busines and customers. We all know that running a successful shop depends on understanding our customers and Craftopolis definitely helps with that.
"Shop Lovers"- The information within this tab tells you your sales, hearts and page views by day and month. You can also view your activity by day and see specifically which items are getting the most page views.
"Edit Express"- This is a SUPER way to do mass edits at once. You can edit price, description, title and quantity of every item in your shop all at the same time. This is a fantastic way to have a sale in your shop and adjust all the prices before hand. Or to add the word “sale” to all your listings quickly and easily.
"Tag Report"- In this tab, you sign in with your google analytics username and it will tell you what words people are using to search when they find your products. This is really helpful in making sure that your items are tagged correctly.
"Treasure Tracks"-Again, using your google analytics login, this tab will tell you which treasuries that you have been featured in.
Now, go check out Craftopolis and see how cool it is!
PS- If you do not know what google analytics is or have it set up for your shop, go here and do that asap! It is so helpful to your business.


Kelly Irene said...

Thanks for sharing this website! I have never seen it before, but it looks super helpful.

Lisa said...

Never heard of it!
Off to check it out ... thanks for the tip!

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