Sunday, May 8, 2011

Project Elementary School

Have I ever told you how we came to live in the house we are in now? Well, it is a fantastic story about God's faithfulness but it is for another time. It is long. And I am wordy. Hence, saving it for another time. The point of me bringing that up is two-fold. One: I have experienced God's faithfulness in times of stress firsthand. Two: We are going to try to sell our house. Let me explain.
When we bought our house, it was a quick fix. We knew it would only be temporary and that we were not making an investment. We knew that we would have to make a change before our oldest child started kindergarten. We knew all this 4 years ago.
As it always does, time has flown by. While we still have a couple years until kindergarten, the time is now to make a change. You see, in our area there is only one good public kindergarten. One. As you would expect getting into the neighborhood zoned to this one school is not easy. Or cheap. Oh, and did you know that the housing market is not good? Yeah. There is that too.
So, here we are with a house that we owe more on than its worth. With "projects" that need to be done. Money to be saved to paid for said projects. And a bad housing market. Not the best situation to be in. My husband and I have looked at the timeline for all this. All this being said, the time is now. As in this summer.
So, here we are figuring out the details, making lists, researching and visiting comp properties. We are actually considering trying to do improvements this summer so that we can list our house on the market this fall. Isn't that crazy? My mind is actually spinning because of all the logistics of the entire thing. Oh, and did I mention that our summer is packed already? Right.
When all of this information started coming together late last week I was a complete mess. I was in tears and losing sleep. I have been praying a lot and feel much more at peace knowing that God is in control. He knows what we need, what the future holds and all the details in between. He wants to carry the burden for me and will be with me every stressful step along the way. This brings me so much comfort.

Anyways, so that is where I am right now. I just wanted to let you know since I have been a little absent. There is a lot more to the situation than I have shared and I will explain later. Just figure that I have talked enough for today.

I also wanted to share this sweet mom with you. I met her because our daughters are in dance class together. This amazing woman has just begun her battle with breast cancer. I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph her family last week. It was truly an honor. They are absolutely precious. Please join me in praying for this woman and her family. In one short week, her chemo treatment will begin and her life will be very different. See their full preview here.


K said...

Those are beautiful pictures! So meaningful for mother's day and every day!

bethany said...

good luck sabrina! i know how stressful these things can be and how hard it is to have faith that the end will be okay when looking at it from the beginning. i'll be praying for you guys!

Jan said...

I dropped in via Above-All Fabric because I loved the little pattern w/ruffles at the bottom. Do you know it is pretty easy to homeschool for kindergarten? I did my little ones 3 times a day in 20-30 min. blocks and it was fun and they loved it. That will buy you another year before you need to get her in pub.sch. 1st grade. Praying for you. Darling patterns, too!

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