Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Daydreaming: Gorgeous spaces

Craft Room Inspiration

If you are aware of the changes that the Noodles & Milk family is going through, you can imagine that our home is changing too. This weekend is the big switcharoo. My spacious and quiet sewing room is becoming a nursery.

Sewing supplies have been re-organized and downsized and are being re-located to a much smaller common area in our home. Since this space will not have a door on it that I can just shut and hide away the clutter, I have been looking into pretty craft spaces for inspiration. Many of these spaces are out of our price range to follow exactly, but they offer wonderful ides and something to dream about for the future.

I love the turquoise table here. It brings such a fun splash of color.

This is Heather Bailey's sewing room. There are no words for its beauty. The antiques are a wonderful touch.

I love seeing everything placed neatly where they belong.

Love the shelving and the colors.

Love the lime and red and a great use of a small space.

Pottery Barn. Enough said.

Love the pink table and the shelving.

Container Store. Again, enough said. Oh, and this is a closet. Yeah, awesome.

This space is just so clean looking. Love the pop of color from the stripe rug.

Love the use of this antique cabinet.

Aren't these spaces inspiring? Do you have any craft room organization favorites?

Happy Sewing (and organizing),


camie said...

My friend Annie just introduced me to your blog. I love these ideas and will use them as inspiration for my future space!

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