Thursday, June 24, 2010

What inspires you?

Finding inspiration for new designs has never been too hard for me. I love color, pattern, ruffles and all things baby and children. One huge inspiration for me is ridiculously over-priced boutique clothing. I see the designs, and while they are cute, they are not in my mind worth $75+. I see them and think that not only could I make something more functional, but cuter and cheaper.

Another big inspiration for me has always been fabric. I love all the possibilities of color and pattern combinations. They are absolutely endless. Even if 10 designers use the same sewing pattern to create a line of dresses, they will all likely use different fabrics and therefore the dresses will all be completely unique. Many people stick with one designer line and use different coordinating fabrics from within a particular line. I, personally, like to mix designers. I think it adds even more whimsy to an outfit when patterns are completely contrasted.

My biggest inspiration is my daughter. She is absolutely precious and all girl. She loves to dress-up, giggle, play dolls and anything that sparkles. I could design clothing for her all day long (and some days I do). Most of my clothing patterns are designed with her in mind. Our family is growing and we are adding a baby boy later this summer. You never know, maybe he will inspire me to design clothing patterns for boys!

What inspires you?

Happy Sewing,


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