Thursday, July 22, 2010

Changing Pad Cover- a tutorial review

Have you noticed the "projects" tab at the top of the page? If not, you should check it out. There are a bunch of cool tutorial links that are currently on my to-do list.
I had some extra fabric laying around that matched part of our son's nursery. Originally I was just keeping it with the intention of finding something to do with it later. Well I finally decided to use it to make an extra changing pad cover and got around to making one using the Prudent Baby tutorial. Overall I thought the tutorial was super easy and it was really quick to make (like 30 minutes quick) which is always nice.
In case you decide to tackle this project, I thought I would pass on a couple tips that I used while working through it.
-There are no seam allowances listed in the tutorial. I used 1/4" and that seemed to work fine.
-Personally, I found step 4 to be a little confusing. Here is what you are supposed to do: After you have cut out the 8-inch squares and unfolded the fabric, you will have 4 corners that look like this...

With right sides together, fold the two edges shown above onto each other and pin in place. You need to do this at all 4 corners of the fabric. When it is all pinned together, your fabric will resemble the shape of a basket liner.

The tutorial calls for a 36" piece of elastic. I found that my cover fit a little on the snug side so, I would recommend using a 38" or a little larger piece of elastic instead.

If you decide to use the tutorial and are happy with it, you should leave Prudent Baby a comment on their blog. It is always nice to get affirming comments on a tutorial- or anything for that matter:) Enjoy!


Stephanie said...

i made your bobby cover pattern last night!! LOVING IT!!!!


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