Friday, August 6, 2010

Part 2: The easiest baby gift you will ever make- A tutorial

You can read part 1 of this series here.
Part 2: Boutique Baby Blankets
Materials Needed:
-cotton fabric cut to measurements below
-minky or chenille cut to measurements below
-coordinating thread
-rotary cutter and cutting mat (optional but recommended)
-sewing machine
1. Cut fabric. Baby blankets can be made in really any size that you want. I stick to 3 basic sizes.
-Stroller Size- finished measurement 30" x 30". Cut fabrics at 31" x 31"
-Infant Size- finished measurement 25" x 22". Cut fabrics at 26" x 23"
-Lovie Size- 18" x 20". Cut fabrics at 19" x 21"
***Note- if you are going to apply embroidery or an applique, do so at this point before sewing fabrics together***
2. With right sides together, pin cotton and minky fabrics together on all 4 sides. Make sure to to mark a 2" space with a horizontal pin. This space will be used to turn the fabrics right side out.

***Tip- if this is your first time working with minky fabric, you might find it a little tricky. Here are some tips that may help.
-Use a walking foot if you have access to one
-Use pins in excess
-Use 1/4" hem tape or steam-a-seam in addition to pining the edges together
3. Starting at the end of the horizontal pin, sew 1/2" seam around the entire blanket making sure to leave a space where the horizontal pin is marked. Trim seams and clip corners. Turn blanket right side out through the hole, making sure that the corners are completely popped out, and press. Do not place the iron on the minky side as it will ruin it. Press on the cotton side only.

4. Pin around the entire blanket making sure to pin the opening closed. Topstitch at 1/4" around the entire blanket.
5. Wrap your gift with the burp cloths you made and watch the recipient fall in love with your gift!



Lindsey said...

This is a wonderful tutorial! Next 40% off coupon, I'm getting Minky material from Joann Fabrics. :)

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