Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas at our house

It looks like Christmas exploded at our house. It is not that we have that much stuff out, it is just that it is in a little space. You see we used to be in a larger house and then we down sized so I could stay home with our children. Now I have boxes and boxes of decorations that just don't make the cut because I physically don't have room for them all. I mean, I do I still need some counter space.
I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you.
Seriously, there is an entire box of just ornaments that did not get pulled out this year. Can you believe it? Before kids, I used to do a very elegant tree- it was all in white, silver and gold with white lights. It was truly magnificent and really really sparkly. Now that we have kids, we enjoy getting out the fun ornaments from when we were kids. I still do the white lights though. I don't do colored lights. Not even outside. I just can't. I know, I am weird.
We don't have a fireplace, so our stockings hang on an armoire. This is the beautiful armoire that sits in our living room and stores my fabric. Not kidding. Open it up and all you will find is lots and lots of fabric.
I picked these cuties up at the Target day-after-Christmas clearance last year. I think I paid $2.50 for all three. I never miss that sale.
Only part of my Willow Tree nativity made it out of the box this year. I actually have a lot more of the collection.
 My favorite ornament:) My daughter made it at school last year. Kids really do change everything- I never thought I would cherish a handmade ornament as much as I do!
Here is the stinker that helped me decorate the tree. She had a blast.
Happy Holidays.
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