Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Need fabric?

Guess what? Seriously, guess what?

Noodles & Milk patterns have been picked up by another website. Above All Fabric now carries my patterns. You can find them here.

Above All Fabric is an awesome fabric shop owned by Melanie (who might be the sweetest person ever). Above All Fabric used to be an etsy shop that I frequented when I was doing custom work. Despite her success and huge amount of orders, she always remembered me and  made a point to say "hi". Her business grew so fast that Melanie took it to her own website. You can find just about everything on the Above All Fabric site. They even carry apparel fabrics!

Melanie has a great offer for you. In honor of Noodles & Milk being launched on the website, from now until December 31st, you will get 15% off your fabric order when you purchase a Noodles & Milk pattern! How great is that? When you buy a pattern, you need fabric to go with it anyway, right? So it is a super deal for you.

You can buy this pattern :

And get fabrics from this series to go with it for 15% off.


Or buy this pattern:

And get some of these fabrics for 15% off.


The possibilities are endless! So, get shopping. Buy any Noodles & Milk pattern and pick out your fabric. Enter code "Noodles" at checkout to get the 15% discount. Enjoy!

Like Above All Fabric? You can follow their blog here. And fan them on facebook here.



Garilyn said...

Congratulations! That's great!

Sandy said...

I'm so glad you got the opportunity to sell your patterns with Melanie. I have gotten to know her (since she lives here in my town) and she truly is so sweet and nice. She has beautiful fabrics in her shop and has specials all the time. I know you will enjoy working with her.

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