Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter, how I love thee

I think Easter is my favorite holiday. Yes, I get all into Christmas and Thanksgiving and certainly other special days like birthdays but Easter is my absolute favorite. I think it is the combination of so many things that makes it a favorite.
I love that it is always close to my birthday. The spring in Texas is generally perfect (although it feels like summer this year). Flowers are blooming and I love the excuse to get dressed in new clothes. Easter baskets are fun to fill and eggs are fun to dye. Little chicks and bunnies are precious. Most importantly Easter represents the most important message there is. That our saviour Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and most importantly rose from the dead to ascend into heaven. To be with God, his Father. Prooving his divinity. And opening the door to Grace for us. How can you not want to celebrate that?
We don't have big plans this Easter. Church, easter egg hunting, baskets and dinner with familiy and friends. Not much but wonderful all the same.
This year my children's baskets will be filled with books (and one movie). In years past there have been trinkets and toys, but I was really convicted about toys-and-easter this year. Now, I don't think there is anything wrong with giving toys for Easter. Nothing at all. We will probably go back to it next year. It was just that about a month ago my daughter started talking about "what she wanted from the Easter bunny".
At first I was thinking, "okay-make mental notes". Then I stopped myself and thought that Christmas and birthday's are bad enough. The wants and wish lists get long. Fast. I could not handle what was happening to Easter too. So, one morning at breakfast when my daughter was telling me what she wanted again, I stopped her. I told her that while the Easter bunny might bring her something but that he was not like Santa. She could not ask him for things. I gently reminded her what Easter was all about.
(I never get good bounce house pictures but this one turned out pretty cute!)

Since our discussion, my daughter has not mentioned anything about what Mr. Bunny will bring. She has however made sure to tell me what she wants for her birthday and Christmas though. One thing at a time I guess.
So, what do you do to keep the focus for Easter? Any tips for little ones?
PS- I will likely not be posting until Tuesday or Wednesday. Have a truly blessed Easter holiday.


Stephanie said...

We talked about this a month ago, and you know I agree! Great post!!

Monica said...

I found a couple of really neat ideas for helping our families focus on Jesus during this season, my favorite, at least for littler ones, is here...

And, for when our kids are older, I love these...


bethany said...

We do all the Easter bunny stuff on Saturday so that we can focus on the true meaning of Easter Sunday morning. AND so the kids are all hyper from getting stuff and hopped up on candy for church. It's hard enough to keep them quiet during church without all of the extra excitement!!

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