Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My birthday wishlist

Birthdays are a big deal in my family. Mine is one week from today. In honor of my 31st (!) I thought I would share what is on my wishlist this year.

In no particular order...

Canon 24-70mm lens

Personal Trainer


Anything from Laura Mercier

These earrings from Designs by Jocelyn

This necklace from Luluka

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3

Someone to design a photography website for me

A tropical vacation

A pedicure
New running shoes- maybe that would inspire me to work out more

A smartphone...not necessarily an Iphone

More patience with my children. With my husband. With myself.

This dining sideboard from House of Hargrove

Chocolate birthday cake.

In all honesty, I have already gotten most of my gifts for this year. They are all very special and came early for one reason or another. So, all I am really expecting is some chocolate cake. And time with friends and family.



PearlsForMyGirls said...

A friend of mine has a really professional-looking website for her photography business through Wix. She has on-line proofing, etc. Might be worth checking out :)

Anonymous said...

I love love love your list!!!awesome things you would love to have!

Elaine said...

My Barn Sale is May 14 from 10-2 and I will have another one of those sideboard tables there in Robin Egg Blue. Stop by if you can! Details at www.houseofhargrove.com Thanks!!

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