Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Monday

Well, by the time many of you read this it will actually be Tuesday. Whatever.

(This has nothing to do with this blog post but is this photo not hilarious? "Anyone want tickets to the gun show?")

I am the only one still awake in the house. It is totally quiet except for the sound machine doing its thing in the nursery. And the dishwasher buzzer went off.

I have noticed that Mondays don't mean quite the same thing that they used to when I worked in Corporate America. They are differnet now and yet still the same.

Instead of waking to an alarm clock I woke up to the sound of a fussing baby.

While I didn't have any Monday morning meetings or sales reports to review, I did have a check register to balance and some snuggle time with the baby.

I did not have to wear a suit for a business lunch but I did have to pull myself out of my pajamas to meet a friend for a casual walk through Target.

I did not have to repremand any employees for conduct problems but I did have to deal with an unruly toddler.

Instead of water cooler gossip about the weekend I got to chatter with my daughter about her day at school.

I did not deal with frustrating criticism from a boss but I did deal with criticizing myself and some actions that I am not proud of.

I did not get to go to happy hour after work but my family did spend a happy hour playing outside when daddy came home.

While I did not get stuck working late at the office I did get stuck staying up late working on edits from the weekends photo shoots.

Yes, Mondays are very different now that I am at home with my children. I do, on ocassion, miss my old job and the hustle and bustle of Corporate America. However, I have come to realize that we have a different kind of hustle and bustle in our lives and I would not trade it for a thing.

PS: My friend Beth is hosting a FREE photography "class" this month. If you are looking for an excuse to work on your photography skills, this would be great motivation. You don't need a fancy camera or any experience to participate. Sign up to participate here.



Stephanie said...

Great post! I completely relate. You should add that you met a critical deadline - the mad Internet rush to sign up for swim lessons! Sheesh! We ARE working women!

bethany said...

It's so true that life is different now that it was when I worked full time. I especially miss it at the beginning of every school year when I know I'd be getting a classroom full of new kids. BUT staying home is definitely the most rewarding (and difficult) job I've ever had.

Loved this Sabrina!

Ashley N said...

I signed up for that class after you posted about it on facebook...I'm excited!

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