Monday, February 7, 2011

30 minutes well spent

The past few days have felt a little chaotic. I think it is because we were snowed in all last week and everything was put on hold. This weeks list of things to do includes last weeks stuff that did not get done. A long to-do list always raises my heart rate a little. It also makes me more productive. I always get more done when I have a lot going on. (Is anyone else like this?)

This afternoon during naptime I set out to tackle my to do list. I couldn't focus because this was what our pantry looked like.

(Please pardon the terribly ugly flash pictures. I didn't really think anyone would care about beautiful pictures of my pantry).

You see, at the beginning of every year I get the undeniable urge to purge things. A truly deep desire to clean out all of our closets has been hanging over head. So, instead of tackling my to-do list this afternoon, I took 30 minutes to address this situation.

 Seriously, look at this disaster.
Zoom in to the spilled bowl of odds and ends. This was the breaking point. What the heck is a bowl of odds and ends doing in our pantry anyways? It is like a junk drawer but in our pantry. Dumb.
 Koozie central. We don't even drink that much, but this picture makes us look like alcoholics.
 Did I purchase the entire chip aisle? No, just major leftovers from the Super Bowl.
 Random chaos. I don't like random chaos.
 Stuff just tossed up there. Old stuff.
Bags, baby food and a spice rack that we don't even use!

Well, I spent 30 minutes purging. There was so much crap in there! Seriously. I found a jar of baby food left over from my three-year old. It had expired over a year ago. Nice.

When all was said and done, I came up with two giant trash bags of junk. It felt so good to get that taken care of. 
I quickly organized stuff and put like items near like items. I did not spend any money on organizational stuff, I just straightened up. Look at the major improvement!

 Chips have a place and you can actually see what kinds we have.
 All the little packets of soup mix or seasonings went into a tin (which I found in the rubble).

 Bag boxes stacked up.
Koozies in their place as are styrofoam cups and plasticwear.

I seriously feel like a weight was instantly lifted. Since it was a quick clean up I was able to successfully tackle several other things on my list. It was a good afternoon. Next up, the terrifying hall closet.



c-Mo Love! said...

I so feel your pain on the koozies. I had to make a bag just to put them all in. We have so many, even the bag bugs me.

BTW Love the Girl Scout Cookies!!!

Your Pantry looks Lovely.

Stephanie said...

It is such a rewarding experience to see everything neat and organized. Looks great! I love that you were able to re-purpose what you had. :)

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