Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy President's Day

Well, I almost missed it (to many of you I will have) but Happy President's Day. I hope that you had the day off from work or school or whatever. My husband did but my daughter still had school. This was unusual. Hubby and I were looking forward to having a relaxing morning with just the baby and then just kind of hanging around. Didn't happen.

Thursday and Friday we experienced our computer crashing. Twice. Luckily it came back to life both times. It did tell us that we need to get a new computer. And fast. So, after a full Saturday of birthday parties and baseball games I went and bought a new computer. It was super easy because my dad did all the research and comparison shopping for me (thanks dad!) and told me where to go and what to get. I walked in, told them what I wanted and walked out within 10 minutes. Easy peasy.

I spent Saturday night and some of Sunday getting software downloaded and files transfered. After a lot of time and effort our new computer was perfect. Almost. You see I spent Sunday night editing photos for a friend. I promised to deliver her CD of images on Monday morning. I went to burn the disc only to find that the CD drive is not operating correctly. Seriously?

I mess with it. And mess with it some more. Nope, not working. At this point it is late and I go to bed. This morning I wake up and it is the same story. Nice. Really nice. I call the store that I bought it from and let them know that my new computer that is less than 72 hours old is not working properly. The manager told me that I could bring it back with the reciept and I could exchange it for another one.

So, I painfully un-do all the work that I poured into it and set it back to factory settings. I put it and all the "stuff" that came with it into a Panera bag (we pitched the box already) and take it back to the store. They exchange it, no problem. So, my relaxing Monday turned into a school drop off, computer drama, store return and new computer set-up kind of a day. Whew. I am tired.

Oh, and I did something else of note today. I started a new business. Again.

I am sure that none of you are surprised by this. I have a true passion for photography and can't help but feel like I am being led in this direction. I have had lots of encouragement from friends and family and decided to take the plunge. Never fear, Noodles & Milk is not going anywhere. The new photography business is meant to be another side thing that helps to pay the diapers and formula fund. And also to keep me involved in something that I love.

Speaking of Noodles & Milk, I finally have a new pattern in mind. If the stars align and I can get the thing created soon, it might just be released before summer:) Trust me, it is a cutie and would make a great addition to any little girls summer wardrobe.

PS: Sabrina Gebhardt Photography is on facebook here. A blog is coming soon:)



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