Tuesday, February 1, 2011

stream of consciousness

A major cold frontcame through last night. It brought snow, ice, 84 straight hours of below freezing temperatures and a wind chill tomorrow night of -10. Yea, I live in Texas, not Minnesota. My face hurts just thinking about it. I am really hoping that our activities for the rest of the week are not cancelled. If they are, I am predicting a week of movies and staying in our pajamas.

I have a precious Valentine's Day tutorial in my head. It has been swimming around in there since before Christmas. Isn't that remarkable? It is so simple and yet I have not carved out the time for it yet. I am hoping to do it this week so that it might actually be helpful to you before February 14th. Stay tuned!

I was lucky enough to take pictures of an adorable newborn over the weekend. I am still editing the photos but I can not wait to share them. He is absolutely precious.

Is anyone excited about the Super Bowl? I am so not into it this year except for the fact that we are the host city. That makes it kinda cool. There is a lot of hustle and bustle around town and that is exciting. Too bad that I really don't care for either of them this year. Oh well, I am still looking forward to snacking and watching the game.

This is my last week of the crazy boot camp. I have really noticed a difference in my stamina and strength has improved a little. What is mind boggling though is that the scale has not budged at all. Not one pound. Seriously? Major frustration over here.

Sleep training my 4 (almost 5) month old is going a little better at night but is much much worse during the day. I know that day sleep gets organized after night sleep, but I really really need him to nap well. Lord, please let this get better quickly.

I have had summer on the brain lately. I know it is only January but summer activities for kids book up quickly here (Does that happen everywhere else or is Texas just crazy?). I have been trying to figure out which ones are the most important to us, how much we can afford and if the schedules all fit together. First priority is definitely swim lessons for my daughter. Man, those are super expensive! I found a program that is highly recommended and is fairly affordable compared to others. I have called them twice and no one has returned my call. So frustrating! Hello? I am trying to give you my business! Call me back!

My friend, Beth, and I are participating in this free photography class all month. We figure it will be fun and maybe we will actually learn something while we are at it. Wanna join in? Sign up here.

Okay, enough rambling. Have a great week!



Lisa said...

I love the Super Bowl ... mainly for the commercials. And yeah for the class.

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