Thursday, February 24, 2011

I did it again

Well, with a sick kiddo, we spent most of yesterday at home. We only got out to go to the doctor. I wasn't able to get much of anything done between tending to her and taking care of the baby. There was a small window of about an hour that they were both asleep. Since I have been on an organizing/purging kick lately, I decided to tackle another project that has been weighing on me. (You probably all think I live in filth and I promise I don't)
This is our home office area. It is a built in that is right off the kitchen so it is in plain view all the time. Since I run two businesses from home in addition to all the regular bills and stuff, this area collects a lot of stuff.

 Isn't this just overwhelming to look at?

 My two to-do lists and calendar and ultra dirty cell phone.
 This basket is my catch-all after I pay bills I dump them in here before filing or shredding. They sit in here until it is full and then I start over again. Terrible habit, I know.

Like with the other times, I started by taking most of the stuff out and sorting. Again, I had a big trash bag of stuff to throw out. Side note: Isn't it just ridiculous the amount of stuff we hold on to? I am constantly amazed by this! I truly believe that if we got rid of half the stuff we owned we would A. not miss it and B. feel so much more free.

Anyways, I spent about 40 minutes sorting and organizing. I started putting stuff back together and decided to move our monstrous printer to a different location. It is just too big for this tiny desk. It works out okay because it is a wireless printer that we don't even use everyday or every other day for that matter.

Even though it was a small project the end result gives me such relief. It is still not beautiful to look at but it is so much better. And most importantly, I can find things again!

Has anyone else been organizing?


MaryAnne said...

I'm super impressed you did this WITH a sick kiddo! Looks great!

MaryAnne said...

And I hope your daughter feels better soon!

Garilyn said...

I think it looks great! I'm getting ready to do some organizing around the house. I believe I could be so much more productive with my sewing creations if everything was organized. I think you may have motivated me to go through a cabinet or 2 today! Thanks!

Lisa said...

Looks great!
Hope all are well soon!

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