Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ruffled Heart Shirt- A tutorial

Finally! A Valentine's Day tutorial. Sorry this is so delayed. I know many of you won't have time to make this before Monday, but just keep in mind that you could do it in any color and even applique something on top of the heart to make it for another ocassion. It truly is so simple and just takes a few minutes from start to finish. Lets get started:

Materials Needed:
-Blank tshirt (I got mine from Target)
-Heart template- download here (I made a 3t with this size. You may want to adjust the size up or down depending on the size you make or the look you are going for)
-Appx 13" off pre-made ruffle (found in the ribbon section of your craft store)
-Lighter or fray block
-Fabric pencil

 1. Cut ruffle and use lighter or fray block to treat the edges.
2. Pin heart template onto the felt and cut out .

3. Use heart cut out and fabric pencil and trace a heart onto shirt at desired location. 
4. Starting at the tip of the heart, pin ribbon so that the seam of the ribbon aligns with the pencil line of the heart.
5. When you get around to the other side, flip the ribbon back onto itself and pin the two ends together at the tip. (see image below)

6. Sew the ribbon into place. Your stitch does not have to be pretty because the felt will cover it up. The ribbon is kind of thick so make sure you go slowly. I used a walking foot on my machine to help with the thickness.

7. Place your felt heart over the ribbon heart and pin in place. Stitch the felt heart in place. Since felt does not fray, you do not need to use a zig zag to go over the edges. For interest, I widened my stitch length and used a contrasting thread color.

 Voila! So easy!


Tess said...

Wow that was easy and the result is so cute.

Susan @ Living with Punks said...

So cute! I even have that same pink ruffle in my sewing room. Thanks!

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

This is adorable!

I am your newest follower--I love your site (actually you had me when I read your "about me"--it was the Dr. Pepper. Oops--I mean the sewing! hahaha! ;)

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