Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mystery Illness

Sorry for the absence over here. My daughter is sick and we are trying to prevent the baby from getting it. I know that is a near impossible feat, so here's to hoping for the best.
I took her to the pediatrician this morning because her fever has been creeping up over the past couple days. He tested her for strep, flu and rsv. Thankfully she tested negative for all three but that means that we are just sitting and waiting while we treat it like a mystery virus. I hate not knowing.
I was sure that it was strep. She is complaining of a sore throat, says it hurts to drink oj, has a high fever and slight cough but other than that seems pretty ok. Yesterday we were even out playing in the park and I snapped some pictures. Yesterday she only had a low grade fever but things are headed downhill and the symptoms have started to pile on.
It amazes me that she looked like this yesterday. How quickly things change.
Whatever it is, I just hope it moves through our household quickly. I don't want sick kiddos for spring break. That would truly be no fun.
Anyways, I am trying to get some fun stuff lined up for interesting posts in the next couple weeks. I know you are all sick of hearing about my family "stuff". Speaking of, anyone have a tutorial or article they need a forum to share it? I would love to have you author something if interested. Contact me at


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