Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Actions Actions read all about them!

Stupid title, I know.

When you edit in photoshop and photoshop elements you typically do things in layers...adjust lighting, color, maybe add texture, etc. "Actions" are pre-determined changes that are grouped together and saved under one "action" so that they can save you time in photo editing. Creating actions is (in my mind) is really tough stuff.

Lots of people charge big bucks for actions but some people give them away for free! In case any of you are photoshop people, I thought I would share my finds.
Here are some of my favorite free photoshop elements actions and where I downloaded them from. (The links to download are listed at the end...)


Pioneer Woman's Boost

original photo  
  Texas Chicks Drama

 Texas Chicks Color Boost

Coffee Shop's Lomo
 Coffee Shop's Butterscotch Vintage
Pioneer Woman BW


 Isabella LaFrance's Easy123 


Paint the Moon's Vanilla Pop 


Paint the Moon's Sunny Days 

You can download these actions and many more from these sites:

Coffee Shop Blog
Isabella LaFrance Photography
Marisa Hugonnett Photography
Paint the Moon
Texas Chicks
The Pioneer Woman

If you have any other great sites with free actions that you can recommend...please leave the information in the comments for others to share. 



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