Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fun Etsy Finds: Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day. Seriously, I love it. I know, I is an over-commercialized excuse for a holiday, but I still love it. I mean, it is all about chocolate, flowers, pink, red and love! Why wouldn't you adore this holiday? Another reason I love it is because February 14th happens to be my sweet grandmother's birthday. More reason to celebrate!

If you are as into celebrating this ridiculously commercial day as I am, here are some fun things that I found on etsy to honor Saint Valentine's holiday.

 Beach House Living: Adorable His and Hers spoons.
 Bear and the Honeybee: Heart on a string necklace. This would be perfect for the office or out with your honey.
 Brookie Cookies Bows: Look at this adorable headband! The entire shop is filled with cuteness!
 Bugaboo Gifts: Cute polka dot garland to decorate your home for Valentine's day. 
 Chic Couture Boutique: Don't forget your little man! 
 Eco Bling Couture: Talk about a statement piece! This entire shop is created from recycling old things into new jewlery. Gorgeous stuff. 
 Crowes Nest: Adorable clippies for your little one.
 Giddy Up and Grow: This headband is absolutely adorable. Seriously. I love it.
 Teddy's Tiny Tutu's: There are not words to describe this cuteness. 
 Happy Family: This robots in love tshirt cracks me up. Perfect for your techie lover! You heard me, I said lover.
 Inspirational Banners: Wouldn't this be great on your mantel or entry way?
 Jewelry Deli: Another piece of jewelry that would be perfect for date night.
 John W Golden: This shop has lots of cool art for all occasions and is currently running a sale- 14% off your entire order! Check out their shop for details and the coupon code.
 KB Originals Etc: This shop has all kinds of gorgeous handmade pottery. I can't get over how pretty the handle is on this mug and how it is the perfect shade of red. 
 Pink 2 Blue: Are you kidding me? Are these not to die for?
 Satin and Birch: These soaps (and the entire shop for that matter) are simply stunning. The details are amazing.
 Shop Gibberish: Cute geeky stuff! I love this card. cracks. me. up.
 Slippin Southern: If you are from the South, this shop is for you. Southern sayings made into wooden signs. So cute. And this shop is brand new, so help them get going! 
 The Career Scrapper: Gorgeous needle work art.
 The Vintage Chain: This love birds necklace would make a sweet gift. I love the font.
 Three Sassy Sisters: Catnip toy for the little kitty in your life.
Two Little Doves: I am enamored with this necklace. Completely smitten. I am seriously having to restrain myself from purchasing it as a gift. for myself.



Beach House Living said...

Great ideas and selection...I have ordered and can attest Satin and Birch soaps are such a treat.

Thank you so much for the kind mention of my "his and hers" forks.

Anonymous said...

My birthday happens to be on Valentine's Day too! :)

Thank you so much for mentioning my Love Birds Necklace. Your blog is lovely!

Anonymous said...

Your selections are all wonderful!!! Thank you for choosing one of my home decor hoops to be a part of your collection. From one SAHM to another- You have a wonderful shop!


Liz said...

These are GORGEOUS and FUN finds! Wow! I'm so inspired! I so appreciate you including my "Cecilia Headband" in your post!
Many blessings, and Happy Valentine's Day! ;)


Two Little Doves said...

What wonderful finds! Happy early Valentine's Day!

Danielle said...

I LOVE all of your wonderful Valentine picks! Thank you so much for including my tutu outfit! :))
Much Love,
Danielle (Teddy's Tiny Tutus)

Coco said...

What a lovely blog! Your Valentine items are delicious!
Thanks for including my sapphire necklace in your rainbow colors feature.
Here's to your continued success!


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