Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fun Etsy Finds: The Rainbow

Did you know that you could search etsy based on color? Well, you can. This would be a great idea if you are gift hunting for someone. When you are short on ideas you can just search by their favorite color to get inspiration.
I did a search of the colors in the rainbow, as in ROYGBIV (you know- the acronymn for red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet). Check out what I found:


Daisies and Damsels- A cute red rosette headband
Nevita- Fabulous orange chunky cowel scarf
Moon Spirit Studios- Look at this adorable yellow quilt! So cute!
Fabric Junkie- Super graphic green pillow cover
MGM Artisan Accessories- Simple and elegant blue hairpins
Cocos Jewelry- Stunning indigo saphire necklace
Me Art Design- Original violet filagree tree print
Enlightened Platypus- Ah-mazing red ruffle coat. I cannot get over the design and detail of this. It is a work of art!
Early Bird Creations- Funky orange bead necklace
Tippy Thai- Cute and functional yellow tote
Sammis 2 Shoes- Retro inspired green notebook
Bombshell Studios- Beautiful blue drop earrings. I really really love these.
The Headband Shoppe- Stunning indigo peacock fascinator.

Murwati- I love this violet ruffle clutch. Super cute. 

Now, go search for your favorite color.



Melissa said...

Gorgeous finds! I love the bright, bold colors, especially that Violet clutch!

Rachel Schneider said...

Thanks so much for posting my heart headband to your blog!! This is so exciting!

Nevita said...

thank you for including my orange neck warmer. Really bright collection.

MGMart said...

What a great idea! Thank you so much for including my hairpins in your lovely blog!

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