Thursday, September 30, 2010

Problem Solved

I thoroughly enjoyed decorating the nursery for our new son. Everything came together rather smoothly but there was just one problem, I had a huge blank wall to deal with. All the other walls had great shelving or artwork but one was just too big and awkward. So, it stayed blank until something great happened.

My friend Beth emailed me and offered to whip together one of her new products for me to test. The best part was that her new product was something that could solve my blank wall problem. I quickly accepted her offer and eagerly awaited my package.

Beth runs the etsy shop Love, September. Her newest creative venture is fabric wall letters. These letters are similar to the popular wooden letters that you can use to decorate a nursery or childrens room. The main difference between the wooden letters and Beth's fabric letters is price. The fabric letters are so much more affordable. Another great difference is that you won't have to put nails into your walls with the fabric letters. This makes them a great option for renters or students in dormitories.

 You see, these fabric letters have a special backion on them that is used to affix them directly onto the wall (or other smooth surface) with your iron! It is so simple!
 Beth has 8 great fonts to choose from and can do virtually any fabric that you like.
Not only would these letters make a great addition to any nursery, children's room or play room but they could be used in any room in the house.
For our nursery, I thought it would look cool to hang an empty frame around the letters. This was just another attempt to fill our large wall. I also think that these letters would be cool ironed onto a blank canvas or old barnwood.

So, do you have a blank space that needs filling? If so, check out Love, September for this cool option for personalized and unique art.



RDority said...

Super cute! I love Love, September! I ordered Ella's birthday banner from her without even knowing she is your friend.

Lisa said...


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