Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tips for Etsy Success: Tagging

Let's start by talking about what exactly a tag is. On etsy, a tag is your best friend. It is the single-most way that new customers will find you.
Tip No. 5- Tagging
Tags are the keywords that customers search for. If I type "toys" into a search, look what comes up:- over 90,000 listings for toys!
When you look at a  particular listing, the tags are listed under the item description and above the shipping info as shown below. 


Tags are what categorize your items. When creating a new item, etsy gives you 14 different tags to use. The biggest piece of advice that I can give you is to use all 14 tags. If you leave any blank, you are passing on an opportunity for a customer to find your unique product.


When you create a new item, the first tag you choose needs to be the most important. The first tag selected will be the main category that your item is listed under. Each of the additional tags are used as descriptors for your listing.


This is what the tag screen looks like when you are creating a new item.

How do you come up with the items that you use for your tags? The answer to that is simple- Think like a customer. Let's go through an example. Looking at the image below, let's say the skirt is the item for sale. The following could be used as tags:
clothing, skirt, children, girl, twirl, blue, polka dot, floral, birthday, party, boutique, custom, noodlesandmilk, gift, christmas, baby, backtoschool, girly, designer, size?...And the list goes on.
Are you having a hard time coming up with 14 tags? You need to think harder because you should have a harder time narrowing it down to the most important 14 rather than not being able to come up with 14.
When you are thinking about tags, make sure you include the obvious details about the item, color and description and your shop name. Another thing important to include is the name of any etsy teams that you are a member of. Many times etsy team members stick together and will search specifically for items created by other team members.
Still need more help? As I have mentioned before, look at your competition. Research a shop that is successsfully selling similar items. Look at the listings and see what tags they are using. This might jog your thought process and give you some helpful ideas.
Etsy's famous treasuries that are featured on the front page of etsy are created by people searching unique tags. Use your tags correctly and you could get featured on the front page of etsy. Talk about great advertising!



Tagging is very important to your listing. Think creatively and use all of your tags to get customers into your shop!
Do you have any creative tips for tagging? If so, leave a comment here and share them!


There is a helpful etsy article on tagging here.

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