Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The truth comes out...


Remember this post? Well, let me tell you the story behind all that free fabric...
I was contacted in late July by a sweet representative from Exclusively Quilters fabric. The rep told me that they had a few new fabric lines coming out and asked if I would be interested in a cross promotion with them. She explained that they would send me as much fabric as I needed to create some clothing samples from my sewing patterns. When I was finished, I would send them my clothing samples and some pattern sleeves. They, in turn, would take my samples and pattern sleeves with them to fabric markets and business meetings. My clothing samples would be used to show off the fabric line. Anyone who showed interest in my pattern would be given a pattern sleeve with my contact information for wholesale information. In addition, my patterns would be added to their website AND when they are done promoting that particular fabric line, they would send my samples back to me.
It took me about 2 seconds to realize this was a win-win situation. Worst case scenario I get to play with new fabric at no-cost to me and would get my samples back later (I made them in sizes larger than what my daughter currently wears in hopes that she will fit in them by the time I get the samples back). Best case scenario, my shop name and patterns get free advertising and maybe makes some sales. Sweet!
Anyways, I received the fabric (from the Melodies line) in early August and quickly whipped up 4 outfits and sent them back just to ensure that everything was taken care of before baby arrived.

Pattern sleeve drafted for the Ensley pattern using the EQ fabrics
I had such fun working with this line and I CANNOT wait to work with the next line (Cosmopolitan) that is coming out later this fall.
 Pattern sleeve drafted for the Elizabeth pattern using the EQ fabrics
Now, on to the fabrics. I loved the colors and the quality of this fabric. It washed so well and was super soft to work with. I have already been able to find some of it showing up in online shops and on etsy. So, if you like it, I recommend it.
PS- Check out my pattern linked on the EQ website- click on the "buy" tabs:)


Lisa said...

Awesome!! LOVE that fabric. Good luck!

Mrs. Sassy Crafter said...

I especially like the second one, it is ridiculously cute!!!!! Good luck with this new path! =)

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