Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tips for Etsy Success: Etsy wants to help!

Etsy is full of great stuff to get your business moving. If you thought that setting up your shop and keeping up with convo’s was all that you needed etsy for, then you are wrong. I highly encourage you to spend some time browsing through all the helpful goodies that etsy has to offer.

First, if you have not signed up for the etsy newsletter, then do so immediately. They send something a couple times a week and it is generally super helpful information and articles. I almost always find something useful in their emails. It is definitely worth your time.

Here is a quick list of helpful things that you can find when browsing around etsy. This first group of things can be found under "your etsy" after you have logged in.

  • Etsy Mini- this is where you can create an “ad” of your shop for free to post on your blog or as an ad on someone else’s blog. (See the images from my shop on the top right side of this page? That is an etsy mini!)
  • Seller Handbook- if you have not read this, you need to. Asap. It is stuffed with helpful information.
  • Badges & Buttons- here you can grab some free buttons to place on blogs and in emails.

  • Banners & Avatars- free banners and avatars that are available to all. These are helpful to new shop owners who might not have had their custom designs finished yet.
  • Seller Deals- Special offers from outside retailers that can help your business. Think shipping, book keeping, etc.
  • Featured Apps- This link is full of all sorts of featured applications that will help your business run smoother. If you have not checked this section out, this is a must. Plan to spend several hours browsing through this section and taking notes but it will be worth it!
For the next group of helpful things, look at the top of the main etsy page under the “community” listing.

  • Updates- lists the latest in helpful and fun articles.
  • Forums- you can find your answer to almost anything here. Just search your question and someone else has likely already asked it and received a helpful answer. If no one has your question, you can also start your own discussion here. This forum is primarily for etsy sellers although administration chimes in occasionally with answers to tougher questions.
  • Virtual Labs- These are virtual classrooms set up with posted meeting times and dates. The topics completely vary but often include tips for newbies, critiquing a shop design, etc. There are also private meetings that can be set up by etsy teams or groups.
  • The Storque Blog- This is the etsy blog. It has all kinds of fun articles and tutorials that you can find. It features shop spotlights, how- to’s, business tips, local happenings in your area, etc.
See what you have been missing! Now, get out there and use all that etsy has to offer to grow your business even more!

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