Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lightening the Load for Charity

My heart is hurting for so many things right now. Japan, sick kids, families losing their homes, orphaned children...and the list can go on and on. I think it is the times we are in. There are just so. many. bad. things. It is hard to take it all in sometimes.
Anyways, I have a charitable heart. I always want to give and help all these people and causes but our budget certainly doesn't allow it. Since we are a single income family with a super tight budget (As in, milking-every-penny tight), I try to think of creative ways to help by donating my time or services but sometimes people really just need money. Well, remember when I wrote this post about lightening the load and getting rid of all the stuff? I have decided to take the same approach but to earmark a portion of the sales to help charity. (I should have been doing this all along but believe it or not the light bulb just went on!)
This time I am aiming to help Japan. I think it devestates me so much because they are similar to Americans in so may ways. They have money and supplies and stable buildings. They had emergency plans and support systems and things still went catastrophically wrong there. Like Katrina but so much worse. There are just some things that you cannot prepare for no matter what.
So, I have decided to sell off the majority of my extensive fabric stash. It has just been sitting in storage for almost a year. Just sitting there. Looking prety and not getting used. I have TONS of really good stuff. We are talking yards and yards of designer goodies. First I pulled aside this stuff.
I pulled everything out and starting measuring and sorting and taking pictures and notes. It was an ordeal but I had over 50 listings when I was done. Isn't that incredible? The crazy part is that I didn't finish. I figure that I will start with these and then once they sell I will move on.
look at all this!
I know you are asking yourself, "Why do I care?". Well, here is where you come in...You can participate too! I am calling this event "Supplies for Supplies". It is one big destash sale on etsy.
All the items are listed in individual shops, just search the tag "destash for japan" to find participants.
Don't have anything to sell? That is okay, feel free to link this post on facebook or your personal blog to pass the word. I can't vouch for all the participants but I know my prices are really great. Most designer fabrics are $9+ per yard but I have my stuff priced at $7 per yard and many 2+ yard cuts are less than that! So, you can help charity and get a good deal!
Each shop will be donating their own amounts, but I have designated 20% off all the sales to be donated to the Red Cross for Japan relief. When I make my donation, I will take a screen shot and post it here to share. I am hoping for something really big!
If you are interested in participating, just leave a comment with your email address and I will contact you with details.
Currently, you can find great destash for Japan at my shop here and at Monkey Style Boutique here. Remember, if you want to participate, let me know because I would love to advertise for you!
While I am on the topic of charity, I would be upset with myself if I did not mention this effort. My good friend Bethany is raising money to help Carter. He is a 5 1/2 year-old little boy who was just diagnosed with leukemia. Isn't that just heartbreaking. Beth has designed these super cute printable posters in her shop. 100% of the proceeds are going to help with Carter's medical bills.

You can purchase these (and more) precious prints at Beth's shop here. Read more about Beth's effort to raise money for Carter here. Follow Carter's family blog here.
What can you give?


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