Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stuff I bet you didn't know

One thing I love about the blog (and facebook) world is that you get to know so many people that you would not met otherwise. The problem with cyber-friends is that for the most part, you never meet them in person. There is so much about a person that you learn just from interacting with them face-to-face. Anyways, just for fun I thought I would post some things about me that I bet most of you don't know...You know so that we can get to know one another a little better.
1. I twirl my hair. A lot. As in, while driving, reading, sleeping, a lot of the time. I can tie knots in my hair and un-do them with one hand. I have done this since I was a child.
2. I am scared of the dark. Not like paralyzing fear, but I do not like to be home alone at night. And I can't stand to have the curtains or blinds open at night. The thought of someone looking in when I can't see out freaks. me. out.
3. I LOVE getting the mail everyday. As in I am a little fanatical about it. Whenever we come home from a trip I absolutely cannot wait to go through all the mail. When we came home from our honeymoon, it was the first thing I did. Before opening the huge pile of wedding gifts filling our living room. I am not lying.
4. My maiden name is one of the names inscribed in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
5. My daughter's middle name is the one that I always wanted.
6. I am freakishly good at excel. It is weird. It is all attributed to my old career, but I do take pride in it and use it as often as I can.
7. I have about 9 books on my nightstand. Different subjects and topics. Some started and others not. All on my to-do list. (Yea, in all my free time)
8. My birthday is coming up next month. I love birthdays. They are big time around here.
9. I really enjoying doing laundry but hate folding and hanging clean clothes.
10. My favorite flower is the Gerber Daisy. They make me so happy. And they last a long time.
Do you feel like you know me a little better? I hope so! Feel free to share anything fun about yourself in the comments.
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Martha said...

I LOVE reading your blog, and I am to afraid of the dark and hate being home by myself at night, ever since I was a little girl. I thought I was the only one like that about the mail, because I am just like that too! It's nice to learn about someone you read about all the time! Thanks for sharing..

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