Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Somebody had to be first

Well, it is official. I had my first paid client as a photographer on Sunday. I was sure that after I posted the opening of my business on facebook, that my first paid experience would be family or friends. Well, I did have lots of friends book with me (I am actually booked into May!) but the way the scheduling worked, my first client was someone that I did not know.

Ya'll, I was so nervous. The only thing that calmed me down was that I was working with a baby the same age as my son. This helped because I knew what to expect out of that particular age.

This little doll was so sweet but not sure about me at first. She definitely takes in her surroundings and is more serious than playful. I only got one semi-smile out of her. Thankfully her mom told me that she is a serious baby and doesn't smile much anyways. This made me feel better that I was capturing her natural personality.

Here is a little peek at our afternoon.



Lisa said...

Great job!

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