Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10 things right now

1. It is Spring Break this week and I have just now come to the realization that I don't like Spring Break nearly as much as I used to. As a kid, the week off from school was awesome. It generally involved lots of sleeping in, socializing and doing stuff that parents didn't know about or approve of. It rocked. Good times. Now it just means that the kids are home from all their normal activities and all the stuff that I would normally take them to do on non-school days are jam packed with people. So, I spend the week debating which is the lesser of two evils- taking two young children out in massive crowds or staying cooped up at home with them.
2. My daughter took pride in her acting out today. The spanking tally was really high. I lost count.
3. While my demon daughter napped I took some "official" 6 month pictures of my little man. He was slightly distracted by his, wind, and the new feeling of grass. However, despite the distraction, he was just precious. I could photograph him all day.
 4. St. Patricks Day is tomorrow and we have nothing planned (see no. 1). I do have green picked out for the kids to wear, but that is it. Any last minute suggestions?

5. I wore the only green shirt I Genius.

6. I finally broke down and went to the urgent care clinic last night. They determined that my original sinus infection never went away and that I needed another and stronger dose of antibiotics. They also gave me a steroid shot. I love those things. They relieve all that pressure so fast. Today I am feeling so much better already. Praise the Lord.

7. I am almost finished editing images from my 3 sessions last weekend. Editing sure takes a lot of time. I definitely don't have my post processing as efficient as it could be. I need to work on this.
8. Do you watch Criminal Minds? If you don't I highly recommend it. It is really really good. Oh man, tonights episode was so awesome. I totally called the ending too:)

9. My husband is already asleep in bed. I can hear him snoring all the way down the hall. Anyone else deal with a loud snorer (or grinder, sleep talker, etc)? On really fun nights, my dear hubby does all 3! It can be quite a circus.

10. I am heart broken over Japan. I am sure you all are, but I just wanted to put that out there. I read on someone else's blog today how she watched her son eat breakfast this morning and she was overcome with grief at the thought of all the mothers in Japan who couldn't feed their hungry children or worse those who couldn't find them. Oh my word. It brought me to tears. The blogging community is taking a day of silence on Friday in Japan's honor. There are lots of ways to donate and help, google it and do something. Even if it is only a little.


bethany said...

you have the most adorable, photogenic children. love the six month photos of ashton.

spring break really isn't all that much fun anymore-and you don't want to vacation during that time either because the roads are more crowded and so are the destinations. what to do?!??

Daisies & Damsels said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Lisa said...

SUPER sweet!

Jennifer Gardner said...

Wow...I know exactly how you feel! All the way down to the should look into sleep apnea. My hubs has been "beating me up" for years in my sleep and just had a study...yep...sleep apnea. Maybe I can sleep soon. Good luck, and love reading your blog!!!

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