Monday, March 14, 2011

Random at night

Happy Spring Break to you all. I don't know if it is spring break for you, but it is here in North Texas. I will be honest with you, we are not off to that great of a start here. I feel like our house is just an infestation of all possible germs.
My kids recovered from the last batch of junk only for my husband and I to get it. Then my daughter gets sick again late last week. It morphed into a sort of semi-stomach funk. Now my husband and I are still recovering from the last thing and hoping to avoid the new thing. Ugh. Seriously? Is this what it is like with two kids? The germs just keep rotating around and morphing ever-so-slightly? I don't like it one bit.
Even though I have had a round of antibiotics and steriods (a couple of weeks ago) I am thinking of going back to the doctor tomorrow. I can function but I still don't feel awesome. Headaches, sinus pressue and green snot daily. Now a touch of nausea added for good measure (pretty sure it is the mucus build up that is causing that). Is this TMI? If so, sorry.
Anyways, we still have 4 days of our spring break week left and there is nothing on our calendar. Not. one. thing. This is terrifying to me. I don't like facing an empty week with kids. Not even when I don't feel 100%. I better put my thinking cap on quick.
I am really really behind on my google reader. Again. It probably has something to do with the fact that I follow way too many blogs to keep up with. And also the fact that I am not 100%. Oh, and the fact that I have 2 little ones, 2 businesses, 3 blogs of my own to keep up with and a husband. And a house. And friends. And you get the point.
While I should spend an hour to get caught up with my reader, I am going to go to bed. Maybe a solid night sleep will help things along. You hear that sweet baby...mommy needs a solid night sleep. Okay? Okay. Night.


Stephanie said...

Google reader bankruptcy. It pains me, but makes me feel so fresh....

I hope you all feel healthy soon... And you know it's not TMI for me :)

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