Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where I stand with my New Year's Resolutions

Back in January I posted my personal goals for 2011 here. Now that we are 11 weeks into the year I thought I would check in and see where I stand. Just trying to keep everything real and hold myself accountable.
1. Lose 25 pounds- Yea, this is not going very well. A large part of this has been the lack of effort. I dropped 6lbs almost immediately and have been able to consistently keep it off. I have not made it any further though. I also have not attempted to go to the gym or made any enormous dieting efforts. Wouldn't it just be easier if it would come off with wishful thinking?
I am frustrated with myself. I am also frustrated with the poor role model that I am being to my daughter. Just the other day we were driving somewhere and she saw a couple running out the window. This is what came next:
"Mommy, why are they running?"
"Well sweetie, they are getting exercise so they can be healthy."
"Mommy, what do you do for exercise?"
Ouch. I had nothing to say.
Yesterday I vowed to really try and take up running again. I have trained for a marathon running 10-20 miles at a time on a weekly basis. I was hard core. Then I busted my knee and had surgery. Anyways, I went this morning before church. I started really slowly but I completed the goal I had set. It takes one day at a time and I succeeded today.
2. Save money- I am doing okay here. We have put aside a little for several different things.
3. Payoff debt- This is an area we are actually doing decent in. Our tax return really helped us out here.
4. Practice photography more- Well, I think starting a business and having multiple clients a week should count for something. I also consider this category a success so far.
5. Write (at least) one new pattern for the shop every quarter- Fail. I do have a design in my head. I just can't seem to find the time to get it on paper. I wanted to get it done over spring break. But spring break ends today, so that is obviously not going to happen.
6. Try one new recipe a month- January and February were a failure but I am trying something new this week. It is really simple and you can hardly consider it a recipe but it is new in our dinner rotation so I say that it counts!
And just for pictures sake....look at these toes? Are they not delicious?


Jaimey said...

Love the toes!! Super cute! :)

I don't make resolutions/goals anymore, I try to change one thing at a time and if I leave it for tomorrow (ie Jan 1) it never happens. good luck!

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