Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tuesday's my daughter has dance class. The studio is literally 4 minutes from our house. I was expecting a delivery from the postman. I waited until the last minute to leave for dance then rushed home as soon as it was over. Sure enough, I came home to a delivery slip on the door. The only 55 minutes that I was gone from the house today was the timeslot that the postman attempted to deliver my package. Bust!
The slip said that my package would be available for pick up at the post office later that afternoon. So, just before naptime I loaded up the troops and headed to the post office. Luckily there was no line and the service was fast. I got the package and came home to tuck the kids in for naptime.
Then I dived into my box. This is what I found.  

My new baby. I decided it was time to upgrade. I went with the 50d because it is so highly recommended. There are two newer models and this one still gets the highest rating. Finding these new or used is not easy. The new ones keep getting more expensive because of the demand. Anyways, I found a great deal on a lightly used one and it is mine!
I spent naptime getting aquainted with this beauty. I love it. I do need a lot of practice on it because it handles very differently from my last camera. (Btw- anyone want to buy my old one???)
Today was rainy and super-dreary, so lighting conditions were seriously less-than-ideal. But, I was able to get a couple sweet shots of Ash. I am so eager to get out and really try this thing out and see what it can really do:)



Vanessa said...

sweet! I believe my sister has a 60D and it was so different from my Rebel, I was totally lost!

Kady L. said...

After reading your post I made one of my own about a few highlights/lowlights of my day.


You got some great shots despite the lighting!

bethany said...

Isn't that always the way? Leave the house for just a couple of minutes and then things show up! Glad we were able to get it this afternoon though-that was quick shipping!!
So excited for you-can't wait to see the photos you take with it. And that outfit Ashton has on? Love.

Lisa said...

YEAH for new toys!!

{ erin } said...

Are you serious about selling your old one? I need to upgrade. I have a point and shoot that is wearing out. We have two beautiful girls (1st and 3rs grade) and another on the way and I need better pictures! And a good deal on a camera someone can vouch for! :)

If you are, email me at erin_manning_ @ hotmail.com


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